As we said, the 1 × 2 bet is the evolution of the “pool”, but with a nuance: the pool is the combination of 15 1 × 2 bets ; that is to say, it is a giant combined bet in which you have to hit the fifteen games that come in the ticket to achieve the maximum prize.

The combination 메이저 사이트 bets, also called multiple bets, represent an advantage as we allow you to choose two or more sporting events and bet on them, multiplying quotas offered for a jackpot, but playing the same amount.

  • If, for example, we bet in the Champions League on Real Madrid’s victory over Roma at odds @ 1.50 and we combine it with Barcelona’s victory over PSV Eindhoven at odds @ 1.30, the result, if we get it right, will be a Odds @ 1.95, higher than what we would have achieved with simple bets, @ 1.80.
  • The difficulty of these combined bets is that to achieve a winning bet we must match all the predictions on the bet sheet. Therefore, the fewer games our multiple bet contains, the easier it will be to get it right.

How to win 1 × 2 combination bets

To win combined bets, the most important thing is to master the sport to which we are going to bet or, if this is not the case, to be advised by experts who do: in these cases the figure of tipsters or bookmakers is very important, who They study each league, each game of their specialty and offer their predictions to the players.

Combination bets allow you to make the selections you want and on the sports you choose. Contrary to what happens, in which you must necessarily hit the 15 matches of the First and Second Division of Spain, in the case of combined bets you choose which sports to bet on and which events are the most interesting : It doesn’t matter the league, the sport or the country.

In addition, multiple bets allow you another type of play: you can bet on one miss, two misses, etc. That is, if you make a combination bet on five games, you can bet that you will hit at least four of them. The final odds will be lower, but you have a cushion so that, in the event that you miss a forecast, you will continue to get a winning bet.

Variable 1-2 of the 1 × 2 bet

We have been using the traditional 1 × 2 bet in football matches for decades, since a tie is as likely a possibility as home or away wins. However, there are sports in which there is no tie. In these cases, there is the option of betting on the result in the official time, that is, without extra time, or the 1 × 2 bet becomes a 1-2 bet.

In this case, it is a matter of hitting the winner of an event in which there is no tie and where the final result is considered, without taking into account the score before overtime or added time: it occurs in tennis matches and in the Most basketball, handball or other sports markets where the possibility of a tie is minimal.