Right Slot machine Choices That You Need

Of course, the slot machines at OnlineSLOT77 casino are all about luck. But there are a few simple tricks that will make you play that little bit smarter. And hopefully walk out the door with a profit.

Score a Favorites Card

  • As soon as you have visited aOnline casino branch four times in 12 months, you will automatically (and for free) receive aOnline casino Favorites Card.
  • With this loyalty card you can now enter for free and if you come more often, you will receive free drinks.
  • But the card has another important advantage: you save free points on your slot machine in Online casino.

On every slot machine you will find a slot where this card fits. Slide in your card, start playing, and every bet you make will earn you points.With these points you can buy gifts and pay for food and drinks at the bar and in the restaurant. But you can also opt for cash.

How much money are the points worth?

You can exchange 30,000 points at the cash register for € 10 in cash.If you pay with your points at the bar or in the restaurant, you will receive a 10% discount on the bill. 30,000 points are then worth € 11.11.

Play the right slots

Unfortunately, Online casino does not disclose the payout percentages of the various slot machines.In many countries, slots with a theme from a movie or television program (for example The Voice) pay less well. This is because the casino has to hand over a portion of the revenue on these slot machines to the company that owns the rights to the movie or program.Online casino makes no statements about whether this is also the case in the Netherlands. But you can err on the side of caution.

Always play all paylines

In the past, almost all slots had three reels and one payline. You had to spin three of the same symbols next to each other on that one line to win a prize.Nowadays all slot machines have multiple paylines: sometimes 3, sometimes 9, but there are also 50 or 100. You can usually choose how many of those paylines you want to activate. The more paylines, the more you have to bet.A good strategy is to always play all paylines.


Every slot machine is designed with a certain hit frequency, so how often a prize falls. For example, if a prize falls in 1 in 4 spins, the hit frequency is 25%.


But you only get that hit frequency if you play all paylines. If you play fewer paylines, the hit frequency decreases drastically. This not only makes your game more boring, but also much more erratic. In casino language: the game is getting more volatil.If you play fewer paylines, you may bet less per spin. But because the game is less smooth, you can still run out of money faster. And you have even less fun too.

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