Many have sometimes completed a tote form or World Cup / European Championship / Tour de France pool. It is occasionally successful, but after that it was never successful to win something or has the amount won been lost again? How did that happen? Is it just the factor of happiness or is there more to it? We give a number of tips with which you can increase the chance of success. For joker138  this is important.

Don’t gamble on sports you don’t know about

Very nice to gamble on a horse race in England, especially when the Grand National is in progress and can be seen live on the BBC. And if it is incidental it does not matter. But what do you actually know about horse racing? The odds may be attractive, but what have the previous results of a particular horse been? How is the surface, is that grass or mud from the rain and which horse can best deal with that? What course is it and has a particular horse always done well or badly there? Has the horse had the regular jockey for years or is the combination only new? All things you have to take into account if you want to take a serious gamble. If you know the answer to all these questions and look, read and are completely into equestrian sport, it is responsible to gamble on equestrian sport.

Money Management

Actually quite clear, put your budget together. For example, suppose you start with 10 euros, then it is not useful to immediately put everything on the first game. You must divide your bet among units, or in other words, spread them out. Suppose you start with, for example, 100 euros. Then you should use the rule of thumb that your maximum bet (10/10) on one bet does not exceed 10% of your balance. In this case, therefore, 10 euros per bet. This way you can bet ten times the maximum bet and you don’t lose everything about 1 or 2 bets. And if you have doubled your stake over time, you can think about gambling with 20 euros (10% of 200 euros) per bet. It sounds very simple but this is one of the most important factors to become successful in gambling on sports. Go for the taruhanku there.

Don’t chase

Have you lost 5 times in a row and your bankroll is only 50 euros instead of 100 euros? Stay calm and don’t rush (chase) Looking for a bet. Yes, very annoying if you normally always bet on the one team and it is Sunday evening. Then you have to wait 5 whole days before the game starts again. Indeed, do not suddenly bet on the team on Monday evening because matches happen to be going on there. Something that sounds familiar to a poker player. Please wait quietly for the right hand (in our facade match) and only then start playing again.